The is for all transactions over $100,000 and transactions under $100,000 that do not meet all of the requirements of the , or for transactions that require rates that are lower than the rates.

As a minimum, the following is an outline of the information that is required for the processing of a transaction under the . Other information may be required depending on equipment cost and/or other factors.

     •   Completed And Signed Leasing Application

     •   Complete Last Year End Business Financial Statement

     •   Latest Interim Financial Statement (Not More Than 3 Months Old)

     •   Last Years Business IRS Tax Return (If Financial Statements Are Not Audited)

     •   Comparable Lease Or term Debt With Min. 12 Month Pay History

     •   Personal Financial Statement On Principal(s)

     •   Last Two Years Personal Tax Returns For Principal(s)

     •   A Short Written Justification For The Equipment

     •   Equipment Brochure (if available)

Approvals Will Be Dependant Upon A Clean Business Credit History, Clean Personal Credit History Of Each Principal, And Trade Accounts Paid As Agreed. Rates May Vary Dependant On Credit Variables, Time In Business, Industry And Equipment Type.


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